Artist Statement

Megumi Todd was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. She has been working as a doll maker/ sculptor since 2012 in the US without the proper experience as an artist in Japan.
She mainly carves wood to create her little, exquisite ball jointed dolls so it will be able to pose like a model in a portrait painting. She also carves sculptures in scale of smaller than 1/12 so it will shorten the physical distance between a viewer and the artwork.
Her works have been displayed in several galleries and has won the first place awards in miniature and mixed media art in 2018 Georgia National Fair Fine Art Competition. Her unique creations and works have also been featured in magazines such as Daphne's Diary 4th edition in 2016 and Art Doll Quarterly Halloween issue in 2018.
She specializes on wood because she feels that carving human figures gives life to them in a different form, while also creating dolls that challenge the viewers bias about "dolls".

"A lot of people dismiss dolls as a simple creepy object. I wanna challenge that, I wanna challenge that dolls can be more than empty shells that demonic entities possibly can use as their vessels like in horror movies. Dolls can move your core and viblate your souls other than making you feel fear."



What I Do?

Carving miniatures in woods is what I mainly do though I am starting to expand the possibilities in different mediums such as resin to create copies of my miniatures.

There are times that I am more focused on designing new inventions, home decors, and jewelry but probably I am more known for a miniature wooden art doll artist.

What is My Process?

I carve with carving knives and chisels in a variety of woods. Polish and adjusting each pieces and then paint by hand. It generally takes 2 weeks to complete a miniature wooden ball jointed doll, but also depends on the details and the scale.

Press + Exhibition

Daphne's Diary 4th Edition -2016

Art Doll Quarterly Halloween Issue -2018

10x10x10x Tieton -2018

Georgia National Fair Fine Art Competition -2018 : 1st place in Miniatures & Mixed Media

Madison Morgan Cultural Center Juried Art Exhibition The Chair Show -2020-

South Works National Juried Art Exhibition -2021 : 1st place in 3D Artwork

Georgia National Fair Fine Art Competition -2021 : 1st place in Mixed Media

Happy Customers

"L'extraordinaire petite Amare est arrivée en France rapidement et bien protégée... Et elle est vraiment merveilleuse,très mobile,expressive,soignée,très joliment détaillée,et sculptée dans un bois magnifique! Je remercie encore sincèrement la talentueuse Megumi pour cet incroyable et unique petit trésor!"

E.B. France

"I love the doll!! Megumi is a very talented sculptor. She depicted her face in great details and it does look like the doll would speak with her eyes!! The photo didn't do the justice and the doll is much beautiful in person. I am a return customer and Megumi's doll always exceed my expectation."

S.F. Canada

"先程無事に受け取りました。今迄ブラウザを通して、でしか見られなかった作品を、実際に手に出来て本当に嬉しいです。 このサイズなのにこの完成度。ただただ感動するばかりです。一生の宝物にさせて頂きます。 この度は貴重な作品をお譲り下さり、本当にありがとうございました。今後産み出される作品も楽しみに致しております。"

H.T. Japan

"Amazing Artist, such fine details, care, workmanship, passion. There is nothing that compares. I am in love with each and every carving line, groove, detail. Truly, one of a kind to the highest standards of doll making, of artisans, of true artists. I yearn for a grown AA male; ) to add to my growing collection! Xoxo"


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